What it takes to give yourself a break.

Bite-sized reads. These are mini reads that can fit into your pomorado breaks.

What does it really means to give ourselves a break?

After many months of strenuous effort, I came to the end of my first semester. Exhausted with it all, I had an idea of how I wanted to spend my five day break before the start of my new semester. I binge watched my favorite Netflix series, went out to the movies with my friends, night stay overs, spent time painting, cooked myself an elaborate Indian meal, went out on a fun photoshoot, hours on social media sites and what not?

All those things that I thought would give me a true break. But on Monday morning I woke up to find myself more tired than when I had started on my vacation. What had I done? All I did was to do what I thought would help me feel refreshed. That day morning I sulked to get to class (which I usually love). There was no way I was going to let myself start the first day of my new semester with that frame of mind! I had to rethink to understand what I had gone wrong.

After thinking over my morning tea time, I realised that I was right about me deserving a break. But all I had done was to dissociate myself from the present which had lead to experiencing momentary pleasure. And once the”free time” had ended, I came back to reality and I found it hard to get back to my mundane life.

I understood that a true break would have been to pull myself to the still reality of the moment and to build a sense of calm serenity in me. To live right then and feel how it really is to have finished my exams. As a result, I would have gained the much-needed rejuvenation. All the momentary happiness had soon faded as it was nothing more than temporary shots of dopamine, as a reward to that very activity pertaining to that very moment.

Do I mean to say all the fun stuff I did was a waste? Nop. The fun stuff does count in.. although not as a break, would count in as memories. That’s how we build memories to cherish. But to have a real break, I realised that to take a moment to breathe and feel the present is all I needed. Serving to be a true break,  leaving me refreshed to restart. A break is called a “break” for a reason! It would involve giving my mind a few minutes off the constant chatter and preoccupation.

I realised that a new start wouldn’t take days nor is it about engaging in socially built ways of having fun. It would take minutes and is something well within all of our reach. Give yourself the break you deserve. Anywhere.. anytime.. Stop and take a moment to appreciate the present.

Take a moment. Start New. Start Fresh.