A monologue of a day filled with mood swings!

Shout out to all the girls out there! Yes!  We do have days when we literally switch from one extreme to the other within minutes! Listen to a young girl’s Constant mind chatter on such a day.

Wow.. What a day to live! Sunshiinnneee!!

Why the hell is it this hot in here? Oh! Google.. so you’re here to tell me it’s hot outside? Seriously?

Wow.. wait a minute! Did I wake up early? What time is it anyway?

10:49???? Are you kidding me? I wanted to get up at Six today! I wanted to do zumba today! I wanted to start my day with some music! Now that I got up late the whole day is a waste.

I should have just slept all day instead! I’m so sleepyyy!

Oh! Now I know why I woke up! I’m starving! Okay. Let me see what I’ve got..

*Enters Kitchen* Is that Snickers?? Ahaa! This is just what I wanted. Afterall..  A bar of cocoa can only make my day better! Yum!

That was good. But what happen to my diet? Oh Crap! I’m going to get fatter than I am right now? Oh no! When did I get this big? Well.. I better get up at six tomorrow. I better workout. Anyways.. I don’t think the way I feel about myself might help one bit. I love me! Now say it aloud girl! Yeah..  thats right! Your’e adorable! I have to be happy to love myself and To be happy, I need food! Chocolate does no harm!

*Starts an argument with mom*

Why does my mother keep yelling at me all day? What is wrong with her? I have to stand my ground.. Really.. This is Ridiculous! People take me for granted! Why does she brand me the wrong person all the time? She has no clue on who I am. Shmurr.

*After Breakfast* Mommy is just the best thing in the world! Who else will make me Poha huh? I really need to keep her safe and happy. I want to love her all my life! I love you Mommyy!

Is that a Puppy? Awwwwwwwwww!!! I love you puppy! Yo come on now. Don’t get your fur on me! STOP! Anyways.. I better go have more food. It will make me feel better!

Now that’s just a few hours of how it might go. As stupid as it might sound, Something of this sort happens in real life! The worst part is the individual is totally aware of how absurd her thoughts go but exercises little or no control over the same. The main causes of mood swings are your hormones and neurotransmitters. Many women face this due to the hormonal changes and this is totally okay. Sadly, there is very little awareness over how this can affect one’s day to day life. If you’re a friend or family to someone who faces such mood swings, be with them. It is advisable to not to try and find meaning with all they do and talk. it might be overwhelming, but apart from those days, these people might be way too worth to let go. Many are misunderstood and are left alone. It has to be understood that in most cases, it is beyond the person’s ability to cope with these drastic mood changes.  In a matter of hours or days they will get back to normalcy.

Note: If you are being constantly bothered by mood swings, it might be symptoms of Mood Disorders. If you find it causing significant impairment in your daily activities or lifestyle, Please do get yourself checked with a physician who can help you further.


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