Slay Anything!

Slay! Yes. You can totally slay anything!

What do you need to be able to slay anything? You might think that one will need confidence.
A sports champion? You need confidence. A model or to be an actor? You need confidence. How about a singer. You need confidence for that too. You have been told that you need this massive concept of “Confidence” before you do anything, to be successful at it. I’d say this is what we have been told and have been fed with for years. A confident person succeeds? I say NO. If only the confident could win, I would have had to wait to get out of bed to do anything! It is the other way around. Those successful people had to do the hard stuff. They had to take the hard way. When done, confidence came as a reward!

A famous singer might not have started with a perfect day and the optimum level of confidence when she started. She might have been the timid one, the shy one, the one with Insecurities. When she came out and faced the lights, in this case, Sung in front of an audience for the first time, that is when she would have received her share of confidence.

Confidence can be viewed as Legos. Tiny Lego blocks that make the huge robot. Starting off with no confidence can be tough. I mean.. real tough!  It isn’t a ride through rainbows and unicorns and Roses. The world beats and breaks you down. You get on your knees, hurt.  But this is how confidence is built. Getting confident is not as easy as turning on a light switch. Confidence is the result of action. Each time you take a baby step, you get rewarded with that amount of happiness and the much needed confidence. There you have it! You can Slay anything when you’ve got confidence. To build that up, take Steps. However small they may be. Going out to the mall alone? Baking a pan cake on your own? Do it!

Remember! Not all of us can start off with confidence. You get to know yourself only when you start  trying. You might never know until you try. You need not be perfect or flawless. Do it anyways! You have to advance forward to get to a target that you can’t see. Trust that you’ll get there! Every time you stumble or fall down, you are actually doing the hard stuff. The hard stuff that builds Successful and Confident people.  Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Just do it.

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